I have had several careers before arriving at my true passion: jeweler.  I focused on math and engineering in university, then I had careers as a programmer, an engineer, a financial analyst.  I thought I was not creative, nor had any artistic abilities, nor skill with my hands.

I have lived in several very different places, including Northern and Southern California, Portland, Oregon, Upstate New York, Washington, DC and Lima, Peru.  I also love traveling and learning about other cultures, their history and arts.  All of these places as well as my educational background influence my designs.

I became a goldsmith because of a psychic in Washington, DC.  Some years ago, the newspaper featured a psychic claiming she advised successful business people. Out of curiosity, I went to see her.  She told me I should be making jewelry.  At the time, I was getting ready for two foot surgeries.  I would need something to do during my recovery, so I decided to try it. I learned to make beaded jewelry.  It was fun and entertained me while my foot was in a cast. For my second surgery a few months later, I needed a new challenge. I progressed to wire wrapping.  But I still wanted to learn more, so I took a class on making silver jewelry at a local art school.  I learned how to shape, solder, and polish silver.  I set up a studio at home, started fabricating jewelry on the evenings after work, and selling at arts festivals on weekends.  Some years later, I realized this was my passion and it was time to make jewelry my only full-time career.  I enrolled at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and earned the Jewelry Technician and the Graduate Jeweler diplomas.

Old artistic and religious patterns such as Celtic knots and spirals as well as traditional Arabic designs inspire me. They were so carefully created and based in geometry. I feel these classic designs bridge my background as a mathematics major in college with my artistic endeavors in designing jewelry.  More recently, I am studying natural patterns such as flower petals, leaf composition, and the nautilus.

I want people wearing my jewelry to feel empowered, feel feminine and look great without too much effort.