This Transition Collection represents Monica Fiorella’s move from the East Coast to the West Coast.  The collection shows a combination of the Classic Collection and a slow change and adaptation to my new home in California.


  14k silver concave round dangly earringsGold Teardrop garnet earrings EGS201 side  Silver Teardrop Asymmetric Concave Convex Earrings  Wavy triangle silver earrings  Peridot teardrop filigree earrings  teardrop shadowbox smokey quartz earrings


wavy 14k peridot pendant  14k gold and silver long pendant  Silver citrine pendant stacked bowls

Wavy Silver Lemon Quartz Pendant  PTS167 silver triangle  silver teardrop pendant pink sapphire  round silver pendant 201 side view    reversible round silver pendant